Levanto is situated on one of the most characteristic stretches of the entire Liguria coastline, the part which lies between the Cinque Terre and the border with the province of Genoa.
The strong winds which sweep across the area make this an ideal place for surfing, windsurfing and bodyboarding.

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Scuba diving

The sea of Levanto is an extremely popular destination with scuba diving enthusiasts. The ample variety it offers, with over 20 different points from which to go under, is perfect for keeping both beginners and more skilled divers happy.
Special diving trips are also organised to explore the various shipwrecks to be found around the Gulf, mainly warships which were sunk during World War II.

Over the last ten years, the waves of Levanto have grown increasingly famous, with numerous articles published in specialised magazines by famous surfers from Italy and beyond singing the praises of the fantastic conditions to be found here at Levanto, defined Doblue Over Head indicating waves which are twice the height of an adult. These conditions exist nowhere else in Italy, and can be found when a gale-force libeccio enters the Gulf of Levanto, bringing with it waves which, in winter, can reach a height of up to 4 metres.

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