Levanto is an extremely lively town, with a particularly wide range of historic and cultural events going on.
In the last few years in particular, there has been a great deal of interest in a return to the food and wine traditions typical of the area, with a series of events being organised to bring characteristic local dishes to a wider audience.

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Main events

- At the end of May, "La Mangialonga" event , during which Levanto will be inviting visitors to take part in the 11th edition of this approximately 7 km long food and wine route which runs through some of the most beautiful and fascinating places in the area inland from Levanto!

- In October, "De gustibus": A pleasant stroll through the ancient fishermen's neighbourhood will take visitors on a voyage of discovery through not only a range of typical Levanto dishes, but also the DOC wines of the Levanto hills and specialities from those towns and cities which have made a commitment to rediscovering the good life and preserving the traditions of their local areas and the people who live in them.

- In July, "Laurafilmfestival" organized by the "Laura Morandini" association in collaboration with the Municipality of Levanto. At the town's "Cinema Teatro Sport" films and shorts will be shown, while in the gardens of Casa Morandini, in Piazzetta Massola, a series of encounters will be held with authors and directors. Since 2005, the festival also includes a short film competition.

- 24th and 25th July, "Festival of San Giacomo - Festival of the Sea." A colourful, picturesque mediaeval parade will be winding its way through the streets of the town, re-enacting the habits and customs of the noble Da Passano family, who used to be the lords of Levanto. The parade will end with a flag-waving display and a range of skill challenges, medieval music and dancing.

- 10th August, "Calici di stelle" (a Goblet of Stars) , which will take place in one of the squares in the town (usually Piazza Cavour) on the night of San Lorenzo. Raise your eyes to the sky, catch a falling star, make a wish and a toast for good luck with traditional local wines; and don't forget to sample the mouth-watering snacks made by the chefs of the "Occhio Blu" tourist association, who will be organising the event, sponsored by the national association "Città del Vino".

- 29th August, "Festival of Nostra Signora della Guardia". Traditional band concert.

- In June, "Sagra del Gattafin" Festival, in honour of the town's characteristic culinary speciality.

- In July and August "Festival Amfitheatrof" International classical music festival.

Festival of the Sea, in honour of San Giacomo Apostolo, the patron saint of sailors, an event created in 1968 to recall the period in which the Municipality of Levanto was founded.
The high point of the Festival, the religious aspect of which takes place over the preceding days, is the 24th and 25th of July, during which visitors can watch historical parades, mediaeval tournaments, the procession with crucifixes and the statue of San Giacomo, the gulf lit up by ten thousand coloured candles floating on the sea, followed by a spectacular firework display.
The gran finale is on the 25th of July, after dinner. The procession opens with the statue of San Giacomo and the characteristic wooden crucifixes making their way through the crowded streets of the town on the shoulders of members of the numerous brotherhoods which come from all over Liguria. The processions comes to an end at the sea, at the Scoglio della Pietra cliff.
In the middle of the gulf, amid the glow of ten thousand candles floating on the water, a wreath of flowers in placed to honour the memory of those who went missing or lost their lives in wartime.
The event comes to a colourful, spectacular close with fireworks being let off from the beach.

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