Levanto is a municipality of around 6,000 inhabitants, situated in the province of La Spezia, famous for the sea, the beaches, and the proximity to the magnificently-picturesque villages and hamlets of the Cinque Terre.

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The main tourist attractions

The main attraction for tourists visiting Levanto are undoubtedly the splendid beaches, but for those seeking a more cultural holiday, the area also boasts some particularly interesting buildings. Examples include the perfectly-conserved Mediaeval Castle, built to defend the village; the Church of Sant'Andrea, a fine example of 13th-century Ligurian Gothic architecture, with a black and white striped façade and a magnificent rose window above the main entrance; the Church of Santa Maria della Costa, and Villa Agnelli, built in the early 20th century on the town's most beautiful headland.


The local cuisine is centred around the rich variety of fish to be found in the Gulf, as well as the superb wines and olive oil from the valley.
One particular local speciality is emblematic of the local history and environment: the gattafin, a sort of ravioli, filled with wild herbs which grow in the local countryside and fried in olive oil. The gattafin were traditionally the staple diet of the poorer classes, and particularly of the people who worked in the sandstone quarries of the Mesco area, where the wild herbs can still be found in abundance today.

Levanto is visited each year by thousands of tourists from all over the world, who come not only to stay in the town and take a dip in the crystal-clear sea, but also to explore the adjacent Cinque National Park, which is particular appealing to trekking fans.
The Cinque Terre can conveniently be reached by train (during the summer season the service is extended, with a number of shuttle trains running) or by ferry. The ferry leaves twice a day, in the morning and in the early afternoon, from the wharf opposite Villa Agnelli.
Motorists can reach Levanto easily from the Carrodano-Levanto tollbooth on the A12 motorway, just 15 minutes drive from the town centre.
For those travelling by train, Levanto has a rail station on the Genoa - Rome line. The rail service is extended in the summer, with trains running from Levanto to the villages in the nearby Cinque Terre.

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